Am I behind or what?

Ok, so I realized today I’ve got quite a bit to catch up on and I’ve been failing at taking photos. Here are a few highlights of the last few weeks.

James and I decided to have a “romantic” grill out two weeks ago.

On the menu was:

Beer Butt Chicken-Don’t ask me how it’s made. All I know is that it was on the grill for hours and I was hungry! Oh, also, it was delicious.

Marshmallow Fruit Salad-Nevermind my photo, it was surprisingly good. I even added half the recommended pecans and didn’t regret it. Side note: The picture is much better.
And this crazy mixture of marshmallows, chocolate chips and what looks like sand.
Just kidding. That’s the topping for…
 Monster Marshmallow Cookies-Proof that Food Network Magazine hasn’t let me down yet. Yummy!

If you read my comments at all, I did promise a good friend of mine that I’d make her a treat the next time she came back to visit. Once she replied with the dates of her next trip, I felt I couldn’t go back on my promise. Here’s the link to the Rocky Road Crunch Bars, Annie! They didn’t quite harden like I’d expected. I was thinking more like rice crispies, but they still had pretty good flavor and texture. I hope you agree! I forgot to take a photo, but they were kinda pretty.

I’ve made a few other things, but nothing real exciting. I’m struggling to find the perfect ratio of hanging out in the 100° weather and being in the kitchen. *sigh*

On another note, I got a new Pampered Chef cookbook over the weekend and a few new utensils I can’t wait to use!! I’ll try to be a better blogger and show you the results less than two weeks later!


2 thoughts on “Am I behind or what?

  1. Cookies look delish, but what I really want to know is what's in the foil behind the cheekUNNN! (As Drew would say!)


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