I felt a little bad that I didn’t highlight any of the other fun food places we saw/ate at. It’s sad, but true. I think the highlight of most vacations is the food you eat. Here’s the rundown.

Saturday lunch:
The Kauffman Stadium hot dogs weren’t quite the same as the Fairbury hot dogs you get everywhere in Nebraska, but with the additional jalapeños, they were delicious. I was also starving, did I mention that?

Saturday supper:
We walked by Lidia’s Italy! I was so excited to see the restaurant of a public television cook, but not really willing to pay the price or wait for what looked like forever.
Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ was where we were headed anyway. The 90 minute projected wait time made us take a turn.
A Streetcar Named Desire is where we ended up. A little bar/restaurant inside the Crown Center Plaza. It’s not really worth looking at their crappy web site, but burgers and fries were the highlight of the menu. By the time we settled on this one, we were STARVING. So I’m just glad they were speedy.

Sunday lunch:
We made it to Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ, sat down and had our food in about 20 minutes! Lunch is the time to go. Plus they have lunch portions, which is more than enough food. My BBQ chicken lunch was amazing. I was too full to really even walk to the car, so it’s a good thing it was nice outside. Next time, I’ll take photos. It was delicious!

I’m already starting a list for the next trip. To start, next time I’ll plan the travel date around a Boulevard Brewing Co. tour. It just tasted so much better there!


2 thoughts on “KC

  1. eek! I'm so excited to go! Good info on Jack Stack as I'm wanting to go there. And I had no idea Lidia has restaurants. However, PBS star Rick Bayless is at the top of my list…mmm! HA! And you calling a hot dog delicious made my stomach churn!


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