Iced Coffee Season

It’s definitely here. I like coffee, but what I really like is iced coffee in the summer. I learned last summer that it’s super easy to make, so I’m sharing my version.
Brew coffee (I did 2 cups last time.) and let cool.
Mix together cooled coffee, ice, milk (1/2 to 1 cup and I prefer skim or soymilk) and a little bit of chocolate syrup just to be naughty.
I usually toss it all in a water bottle so I can shake it up and drink it right out of there. Make adjustments depending on how strong you want it. And if you want a granita, put it in a blender!
I’m only blogging about this because Pioneer Woman is a genius. If you’ve got the supplies, do it like her. I’m afraid I’d treat it like water and drink it all day if I made this big of a batch.

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