Salsa Salsa!

A booming garden means it’s time to make salsa!  No, not my “garden.” I gave up on it. Maybe I’ll blame it on the little pots and my forgetful memory.

This was the experiment salsa from my brother and sister-in-law’s garden.

It turned out pretty good, but not very spicy, so it probably needs a little more experimenting.

That was the day I learned to remove the skins of tomatoes by chopping off the ends, boiling them until the skin loosens, dropping them in ice water and then peeling it off.  Worked wonders!

Tomatoes (skins removed)
Lime juice

1.) Chop it up, stick it in a food processor, stir it up until it feels right.
2.) Boil it in a pot for about 45 minutes to thicken it up.
3.) Cool and enjoy or can and eat later.


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