DIY Chalkboard

While I’m at it in the blogging world, I thought I’d share this. I want to go ahead and say it was supereasy, but I didn’t do most of the work. I’d had something like this in my head for months, but it wasn’t until I joined Pinterest that I learned it was actually possible. I wanted a place to write down my grocery/shopping lists while I think of it. Before the chalkboard, my shopping consisted of making lists on several different notepads and bringing only one of them (usually not the complete one) shopping with me.  Now it’s all in one place and I can write stuff down as I run out of it.  Plus, I had this tiny wall that worked perfect!

I bought a frame from Hobby Lobby and spray painted it. Red matched my decor much better than the old wood look that it had originally. Then, James cut a piece of masonite for the inside and spray painted chalkboard paint inside. (I think there are three coats, but read the instructions on the can for a better idea.) Then, use wood glue to adhere it to the frame and there you have it! He also gave it a bit of a distressed look with a little sandpaper.

Be sure to read the directions on your chalkboard paint. It will say to cover the think in chalk and erase it before you use it.

I must have been in a hurry the day I wrote these things down. Look at that hideous handwriting. Oh and I just remembered I still haven’t bought coffee!


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