Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

I love this chicken for many, many reasons, but mainly because:

1.) It’s easy!
2.) I really like buffalo wing sauce.
3.) It’s versatile.
I made this up and froze part of it because it makes so much meat. I made sandwiches and a braid (like a pizza braid) with it, but I could think of so many other food combos! By the way, it was so good, James made it again the next week.
Crock pot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
3 lb. frozen chicken breasts
Franks buffalo wing sauce
Hidden Valley Ranch packet
1 Tbsp butter
1.) Put all the frozen chicken in the crock pot. Add the bottle of wing sauce and sprinkle the ranch packet on top.
2.) Cook on low for 6-7 hours. Then shred the chicken. (I stuck mine in my Kitchenaid mixer and it was amazing!)
3.) Add the chicken back to the crock pot, along with the butter and let cook on low 1 more hour.

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