Wings again!

I’ve tried so many times to get decent tasting wings just like the bar down the street. I almost always fail and it’s probably because they’re known for their wings. I didn’t even like wings until I ate them there. In fact, I didn’t even eat spicy foods until I tried their wings. If you follow my blog at all, you know that my two kitchen staples are jalapenos and hot sauce. Boy have my eyes been opened.

Nonetheless, these wings were the best I’ve tried so far. Juicy, with great flavor and Food Network Magazine even tells me they’re light.

They even look pretty!
I had to throw in the carrots, celery and ranch to finish off the plate.
As to not copy my Food Network friends, I’ll send you to their website to get the recipe here. I didn’t make their blue cheese dressing. I’m much more of a ranch dipper.
I also made blueberry muffin tops. All I’ve got to say is…you win some, you lose some. But what else did I have to do last weekend? It was snowing for what seemed like 8 hours (or 11 inches worth)!

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