Raspberry Chocolate Wontons

Today’s a sad day.

I just realized that I only tried one new kitchen creation in ALL of February. The other sad thing, the picture isn’t even that great.

Well, here it is…

Do you have any experience with yummy wontons? This was a good mix of wonton, fruit and chocolate for me. I’m thinking there’s got to be a good way to bake them too, which would make them healthier and less messy. And next time I need a thermometer for my oil.
Raspberry Chocolate Wontons
Wonton wrappers
1 Egg
Raspberry preserves
Hersheys bar
Powdered Sugar
1.) Mix egg with a little bit of water to make an egg wash. Use a pastry brush to brush egg wash around the edges.
2.) Chop up the chocolate bar according to the grid and then cut each of those pieces in half.
2.) Place 1 tsp of raspberry preserves and one piece Hersheys in the middle and fold closed. Press around the edges.
4.) Heat oil to 375 degrees (or eyeball it like me and then possibly burn them :)). Drop the wonton in and fry for about a minute or two (until golden brown) and flip and fry for another minute or two (until golden brown).
5.) Pull out the wonton and place on a couple paper towels to soak up the extra oil.
6.) Shake on some powdered sugar and enjoy the melted chocolatey goodness.

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