Run#4: Runny nose

Just kidding. I really had to convince myself not to share the photo of me post-run today. Runny (almost gushing out) nose, crying/watering eyes and makeup all over my face. Really a hot mess, or just a plain old mess, if you will. It reminded me a bit of my nephews when they get a cold. The good news is that I went to the doctor yesterday. The bad news is that she says it should take a few days for my meds to start working… Maybe by Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Run#4: Runny nose

  1. Oh my…I totally thought, “just like D & E!” before you mentioned it! They're doing better…hope you are, too!

  2. Feel better! I have been hit with THE WORST allergies…and I didn't even know I had them! So I can totally relate. And so, I guess we'll sneeze together (though good for you for running!).

  3. Thanks Shira! From what the doctor says, there are a lot of people getting allergies for the first time this year. Hopefully, the doc was right and we've both only got a couple weeks left!

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