Earth Day Projects

Happy Earth Day! I hope you all are doing something (more than normal) to celebrate Earth Day!

Living in an apartment, makes it a little more difficult to do the traditional tree planting for Earth Day, so I’m very excited to introduce to you…my newly planted garden, containing cantaloupe, peppers, tomatoes and peas. It looks pretty lame right now, but just wait until those little plants pop up. You’re going to be so jealous.

Garden planting was Chloe’s favorite part of today, see?
Until, I got out the sewing machine and made a couple headbands. According to her, the outdoors=relaxing heaven and fabric and sewing time=heaven’s playtime.
These are super cute and very, very easy. And, sticking with the Earth Day theme, it’s made of an old T-shirt! I love the idea of making my own headband. I can make it whatever size I want and hopefully I won’t get headaches from my own headbands. They’re going to be perfect for keeping the hair out of my eyes during sand volleyball.
Here’s the tutorial I found from “Make it and Love it.” If you’ve got old shirts laying around, you should definitely try this one.
I’ve got several other shirts from when I cleaned out my office at work and I know there are other t-shirt projects out there. Have you tried any good ones or ran across any?  Let me know. I’d love to try them out!

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Projects

  1. Hopefully those pots don't become also become “heaven's playtime” for Chloe! So excited to see how your “garden” turns out! ~K

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