Lint free headphones!

I carry my headphones everywhere. You never know when your going to need them, at work, on a run, at home, etc. So I think it’s just best I carry them with me. What makes me mad every time I reach in my purse was the mess that the cord was in, followed by the purse¬†debris that was touching something that went directly in my ear…YUCK. Don’t tell me you don’t have purse debris because I’m pretty sure it’s caused by opening your purse.

I found this lovely tutorial online and here you go.

Problem solved. The best part is that it takes up minimal space if you want to store it inside your purse. Mine often hangs on the strap. This would also be great as a coin purse or small earring storage. What would you use it for?
Thanks to dog under my desk for the quick and easy tutorial!

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