Getting Back on my Horse

Have you ever done something you’re really excited about and then suddenly stopped without a real good excuse?

I guess that’s what happened here on the ole blog, but I’m going to try to get back on that horse and hope that it comes back to me just as it did before. Just like riding a bike, right?? I hope so.

A lot has happened in the last seven months and that’s not a real good excuse, but I’m trying to get back into this blog. To my storage place for my recipes and crafts and a place to share my story with you.

So, here’s my teaser for things that have happened and for things to come:


  1. James and I went to Wisconsin a few weeks ago. He’s a HUGE Packer fan! It was a beautiful day at Lambeau Field. I was very thankful that it was not “the frozen tundra” that day!
  2. I made this casserole carrier! I can’t wait for someone to invite us over for a meal so I can use it!
  3. James and Chloe just doing what they do.
  4. My brother and I ran the Buffalo Run again this fall! It’s a hilly five-mile race that makes me so proud to finish! I cussed a lot in my head, but I ran all the way up that darned hill!


I’m off for now to make my schedule for this blog. Any advice on how to get back on track? I’d love to hear your tips!


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